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It is estimated that 90% of all homes having cinder block basement walls will leak in the first 25 years of their life and one home in 300 have problems related to natural ground water tables. Homes having basements are generally constructed on concrete footings upon which concrete or block basement walls are constructed. This involves digging a large hole in the ground in which the basement of the house to be built. In the bottom of the hole, trenches are dug into which concrete is poured for the footings. The basement wall is then constructed on these footings. Basement walls are generally constructed of concrete block or cinder block. However, basement walls of poured concrete, brick or other materials are sometimes used. Depending upon the local building codes, the builder may be required to parge the exterior face of the wall. Parging usually consists of applying a Portland cement-sand mixture to the outside surface of the basement wall. Application of additional materials such as asphalt coatings covered with polyethylene sheeting, over the parging, generally completes the waterproofing process. Typically, flooding occurs as a result of surface water infiltration in the following manner: The rainfall collects (ponds) on the ground surface adjacent to the home. Water, by taking the path of least resistance, flows into the loose backfill adjacent to the basement walls.

Mold Removal:

Molds produce tiny spores to reproduce. Mold spores waft through the indoor and outdoor air continually. When mold spores land on a damp spot indoors, they may begin growing and digesting whatever they are growing on in order to survive. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, and foods. When excessive moisture or water accumulates indoors, mold growth will often occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or unaddressed. There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture.


Indoor Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and the leading cause among non-smokers. Protect your family. Test your home. During the month of January, EPA works to raise the public's awareness about radon and the importance of testing for radon -- especially in homes and schools. The EPA, working in concert with Federal, State, and local governments as well as volunteer organizations, conducts many different programs to educate Americans about the indoor radon health threat. About 1 in 15 homes has high radon levels. If you haven't tested your home, do it now during National Radon Action Month.

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  • Mold Remediation
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Safeguard Your Home with Baltimore Waterproofing Company

Having a wet basement is a frequent problem experienced by many people across the US. Regardless of the type of basement you have, you will most likely have to deal with the problem of a wet basement. Nevertheless, it’s possible to have a dry and completely waterproof basement by simply contacting a Baltimore Waterproofing Company.

If a basement is flooded or leaking, it can be quite a difficult repair job. Once the water damage is done, it is not easy to undo it, and attempting to fix it yourself could lead to either a temporary solution for the symptoms or make the problem even worse. A professional who has the skills, experience, and the right tools for basement repair, like your local Baltimore Waterproofing Company, is what you really need. a Baltimore Waterproofing Company can be a great help because they can find the actual source of your water problem and then determine the type of basement repair your home needs. Actually, if you would like an estimate for the solution, Baltimore Waterproofing Company contractors are happy to inspect your basement and provide an estimate for you.

Baltimore Waterproofing Company Count the Reasons

Many people believe a flooded basement is no more than an inconvenience. If you frequently use your basement for living space, storage, or as a laundry room in your home, you you’ll definitely be more than a little upset by the water damage. There are also bigger, longer-term problems that are caused by basement flooding.

If your basement is damp, mold and mildew can develop in your home. You probably won’t see it because it grows in the space between the walls, so it can go on growing unnoticed. A home infested with mold spores can make homeowners very sick without them knowing why. If there is mold growing in your home, a professional Baltimore Waterproofing Company will be able to locate it before starting any repairs. If mold is discovered then they can refer you to the appropriate companies that can help you get rid

The extra living space a basement provides can turn into an uncomfortable, unpleasant mess if it becomes damp. If your basement is used as a laundry room, exercise room, a home bar or a family room, the water can put your furniture and accessories at risk of damage, deterioration, and the growth of mold and mildew.

If you have a leak that you suspect is ongoing then you should get rid of any materials that were in contact with that area or else the mold may spread. After an evaluation of the contents in and around the wet area, your Baltimore Waterproofing Company contractor will be able to decide what is safe to keep and what should be immediately disposed of. Special mold cleaners are used by some professionals, and can undo light damage done to furniture or other objects.

If you have a basement you should consider the waterproofing services that are offered by a qualified Baltimore Waterproofing Company. There are various methods used in preventing water from seeping through the walls or floor of your basement, and these are all referred to as “waterproofing”. It is crucial for your family to have a waterproof basement, as moisture causes the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to illness, sickness, or even death.

Not only is mold caused by wet basements, but the breeding of termites and other house-damaging insects are a factor as well. The basement mold and mildew is able to eventually spread throughout the rest of your house, causing a terrible and possibly toxic odor which can irritate your family and cause allergic reactions. If your basement is damp, the humidity level of your home will rise, also greatly raising your heating bills because more energy is required to heat moisture-filled air.

On the other hand, if you have a waterproof basement then your home will not only be healthier and more comfortable, but its property value will be greatly increased. If your basement is repaired by a Baltimore Waterproofing Company it is a good sign that your home is structurally sound, and it will give you more living space by making your leaky basement a dry and safe place to pass the

The waterproofing done by a Baltimore Waterproofing Company can even save you money on your energy bills, since a leaky basement costs more to heat by allowing heat to escape. With a leak-free basement, your home will be warmer, safer and stronger.

Baltimore Waterproofing Company: Understanding How Leaks Occur

When a house foundation is dug out of soil, the hole created must be larger than the actual foundation. “Backfill” is the name of the soil that is returned to fill the space between the foundation walls and the edges of the hole. The “backfill” is naturally looser than the untouched soil around the foundation hole, since it had to be dug up and then replaced again.

It is these foundation walls that are the walls of your basement. Over a period of time, the backfill soil will settle and sink lower than the surrounding soil outside of the foundation hole. The dirt around your basement will often absorb rainwater that has flowed downwards and settled into the backfill soil.

The pressure of the water filling the backfill soil increases as it gains volume. It can lead to the cracks in your basement walls, or can leak into existing ones. Natural water run-off is the leading cause of basement leaks. Water will get into your basement in different ways, depending on the type of walls your basement has. To name a few types of walls, they could be stone, clay tile, poured or block concrete, and each one is susceptible to water in a different way. In order to determine just where and why the leak is occurring, you will need to have a professional from your local Baltimore Waterproofing Company to examine your home’s structure and offer the best solution.

Baltimore Waterproofing Company: Methods of Waterproofing

Contractors normally apply a plastic-like membrane to the outside of the basement walls in order to prevent leakage caused by the backfill. In houses that were constructed too quickly, or at a low cost or were built before this was common practice, there is no protective membrane layer. Also, as sometimes happens, the protective sheet could have torn, decayed or fallen off over time and is not providing protection for your basement. When a Baltimore Waterproofing Company contractor does your basement investigation, they can also check whether your sheeting is still in tact.

When contractors use a secondary type of waterproofing during construction that has the basement floor sloping down towards a drain that connects to a sump pump, this is called a ‘cavity drainage system’. The sump pump mechanically removes excess water from your basement, preventing flood damage without the use of gravity. The sump pump, however, can either fail, or may not be able to reach worn areas of the floor or the walls where water can still settle.

For places that receive heavy rainfall, a cavity drainage system will likely fail on a regular basis, as the sump pump is only really effective for small amounts of water. A professional Baltimore Waterproofing Company can give you the ultimate basement waterproofing system: an ‘exterior foundation drain’, or ‘French drain’.

The ‘French drain’ uses a piping system built on the outside of your foundation walls to divert water away from the basement walls through a ground drainage system. In other words, instead of having the water leak into your basement, it is sent through the ‘French drain’ system and gets safely diverted through a drainage pipe back in the direction it first came from.

If a ‘French drain’ is needed then the Baltimore Waterproofing Company will need to excavate at least a portion of your foundation. Besides getting a great new waterproofing system installed in your home, the bonus is that they will be able to add further waterproof protection by adding, fixing, or updating the membrane that should be around your basement walls. The current state of the art in Baltimore waterproof basement systems is the combination of these two methods.

Baltimore Waterproofing Company: Important Advice

Every basement is susceptible to leaking water. If you notice any of the following signs, you should call a Baltimore Waterproofing Company right away: a strange smell in your basement, mold growing on the rafters, walls, or floors, or if you hear a trickling or dripping The pervasiveness of water damage can destroy more than simply the structure of your basement, and must be handled immediately by professionals.

Without stopping the water damage, you are risking the investment you’ve made in your home from the possibility of a flood or several small leaks. A tiny leak is able to transform your basement into a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria. Bring back the warmth and charm to your home by calling your local Baltimore Waterproofing Company to install the waterproof basement you need and deserve.


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